Welcome to Chris Tall dot Me

This is my top level site that is mostly just a navigation page to my other blogs and sites.

I have several different blogs on various different topics that I really struggle to keep up to date. However, now that I have found I can create posts on my phone, I am going to try to keep things a bit more updated than I have before. Wish me luck!

  • astronomy.christall.me – This is where I blog about astronomy and the fascinating wonders that exist outside our atmosphere.
  • diabetes.christall.me – My diabetes blog. I haven’t written here for some time!
  • photography.christall.me – My aim is to post some photos and videos of the things that I do.
  • journal.christall.me – My online journal. There is nothing to see here.
  • webshack.christall.me – A really old website I wrote by hand using notepad on Windows way back in the late 90’s. I found a copy on a back up CD from the time, and thought I would reload it back onto the web for a bit of retro fun.